Texas all British car days

About the Show

The 2024 edition of the Texas All British Car Days marks the 33rd year for this event. TX ABCD is a non-profit event with proceeds going to a local charity. It is also the largest all-British car show in Texas, and draws participants from all around Texas and neighboring states, with upwards of 150 cars of all marques participating in the event.

The Hill Country Triumph Club took over sponsoring and hosting TX ABCD in 2022, so this marks our third year running the show. This year, the chairmen of the show are Mike McPhail and Jacques Welter but really the whole HCTC club is involved in the event.

Last year TX ABCD featured 129 cars, in 21 classes — all British marques and models, ranging from Aston Martin Vantages to Mini Coopers.

About Judging

For the 2024 show, TX ABCD will be adopting a People’s Choice voting system. Attendees will be provided a ballot in their Registration packet. Attendees will be able to vote for two cars in each class. When voting, care should be given to paint, interior, engine compartment, age (modern vs. classic) and lines on the cars.

Voting starts at 10:00 am and concludes at 12:45 pm. All ballots must be turned in at the TX ABCD Headquarters table at the show no later than 1pm. Judges will select Best of Show from the winners of each class in the show.

About Car Classes

Cars will be separated into classes. Each class will represent a distinct category of automobile from a marque, i.e. MGA; MGB; MGB GT, etc. We try to have no more than 10 cars to a class and will further subdivide a class if we have too many cars, i.e. Early TR6; Late TR6 and so forth. We also try to have a minimum of at least four cars to a class, and classes will be combined at the organizers discretion if we don’t have enough cars to make up a class.

About Awards

Awards will be given to cars in each class: 1st; 2nd; 3rd. Cars will also be awarded for Furthest Driven; Best Survivor; Best Driver; and Longest Owned. All awards will be handed out at the Awards Banquet, Saturday, October 12th. If you are not there in person to collect an award, the award will go to the next runner up.
We will not mail awards – you must collect them in-person.

About the Drives

There will be multiple self-guided drives for your enjoyment before and after the show. Each drive is designed to take you somewhere unique in the Hill Country and should be no longer than 2 hours, roundtrip, from The Hidden Falls Inn.

About Previous Winners