About Registration

All registration and billing will be handled by Car Show Pro.

All registration will be online.

Car Show Pro can be found by following this link: TX ABCD Registration.

We encourage all attendees to register early for the show as fees increase significantly as we get closer to the date. Fee Schedule is as follows:

  • Early Registration thru September 9th: $35
  • Late Registration, September 10th thru October 11th: $40
  • Same-day Registration: $50

For all that pre-register, Registration packets will be handed out on Friday at the TX ABCD headquarters in The Hidden Falls Inn, 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm; or at the TX ABCD Headquarters table at the show on Saturday.

Same-day registration will be offered at the venue, but the fee will jump to $50 for same-day registration. You must be on the grounds and registered by 9:45 am to be considered in the event judging.